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Schneider Electric Hybrid Solar Inverter System 1500

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  • Protection - Short-circuit, Overload, High Temperature, Internal Fault, Deep Discharge, Battery Low.
  • Solar Panel - Supports up to 1000Wp, 24V Solar Panel Array, Voc Required between 36V to 45V.
  • Battery - 24V Operating Voltage: 100Ah to 200Ah. Supports tubular, Flat plate, GEL / VRLA battery.
  • Display Indications:
    • Mains available
    • Battery Charging through Mains or Solar Panel
    • Input Voltage regulation Mode
    • Power Savings
    • Load Output through Battery
    • Low Battery Indication
    • Overload Indication
  • Buzzer Sound Indications:
    • Battery ON
    • Low Battery Pre-Alarm
    • Battery Low Shut Down
    • Overload Shutdown Indication
    • Short Circuit & ECO / UPS Mode Selection

    Colour: Green and White
    Material: Metal and Plastic
    Wave Type: Pure Sine Wave
    Operating Temperature: 0 to 45° C
    Relative Humidity: 95% RH Non Condensing
    Rated Capacity: 1500VA

    DC Output: 12V DC, 5A

    AC Output: 230V, 50Hz

    Amperage: 40Amp / 24V
    Voltage Window (Eco Mode) 100V - 290V
    Voltage Window (UPS Mode) 180V - 260V
    Height: 150mm
    Width: 315mm
    Length: 375mm
    Weight: 15.66kg